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A New Way to Connect

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s impossible to predict where we will meet the most important people in our lives. A block party, a concert, an early morning chemistry lecture, a ski lift, a cloud computing or comic book conference. These places could be the birthplace for a book club, a business relationship, or a lifelong romance. With Tap, no matter where you are, new connections are a simple Tap away. Start making connections today!


Instantly friend or follow new connections on multiple social medias by tapping your phones

Share your phone number directly to contact book

Keep a record of all the connections you make in a social or professional setting

Personalize your Tap profile with a picture and unique display name

Seamless cross-platform data transfer

Ability to tailor each Tap by selecting which social medias are right for that connection

Our team

Austin Letson

Austin possesses a high level of knowledge in software development which allows him to oversee the short and long term goals of Tap. He has a strong math and computer science background, allowing him to build and refine the Tap algorithm, which drives the functionality of the app.

Connor McGill

Connor brings experience in management and operations. As CEO of Next Tech Solutions LLC, an IT Support company, Connor stands at the intersection of technology and business. In his capacity of CFO at Tap, he will manage financial goals, often overlooked by startups.

Isaac Kaufman

Isaac possesses a mastery over multiple programming languages and a deep understanding of software engineering. Isaac leads the development and maintenance of the website and the Tap app.

Antonio Melegari

Antonio rounds out the group by bringing experience in content creation, and marketing to the Tap Team. He manages a YouTube channel and understands social trends. He is a Communications and Public Relations double major at the University of Rhode Island. He spends a great deal of time in the college setting and has a large network among his peers.

Anthony Curreri

Founder of RentPal, an iOS app, Anthony brings start-up experience to the company. In the capacity of Chairman, he will drive the vision of Tap.


For all inquiries including business, consumer inquires or to hear more about our application, please get in touch. We'd love to speak with you.

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